Digitize your School Management

Innovate Teaching, Promote Learning, and Deliver better
Learning Outcomes!

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Cloud-based School Management 

A one-stop solution to all your academic & business operations


Create & Avail your Content Online

Teachers can create content directly through their portals & can be availed directly to their students


Conduct Online Exams & Tests

Integrated online test software that helps teachers to create & conduct test 


Generate Reports

After every test finishes Students, Teachers & Parents can see the detailed automated reports


Manage Admissions

Generate leads with help of online network & process. Avail online scholarship tests & forms 


Avail Homework both
online & offline 

Teachers can avail & monitor performance of students with  homework module


Online portals for students, teachers & parents

Admins can Instantly create
online portals for students, teachers
& parents 

Our Focus

We work with schools over two important 
aspects - Student enrolments & academic 
performance. Enabling the school to 
develop a efficient system of imparting 
knowledge & learning 

Enhance Academic Results

Rigorous online testing + Timely content delivery + Monitoring & notifications

Increase Student Enrolments

Online Scholarship Tests + Webinars + Online Admissions Forms + Social Media Development 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a website help education business?
  • Increase Visibility
  • 24/7 Online Presence
  • Establish Credibility and Build Trust
  • Online Marketing & Sales
  • What is an LMS?

    A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the management, tracking, reporting, automation & delivery of courses online.

    Do I need an SSL certificate?

    Yes, you require a SSL certificate to secure your website.

    What is an Academic blog?

    An academic blog is an educational web page used to enhance educational learning. A unique form of online publishing creates awareness among the school community.

    Benefits of digital modules in education learning?

    Digital Modules in Education Learning & Management helps to solve a lot of problems, time & money. From Creating content to its distribution, Online tests over offline means & automated process reducing time & extra efforts. Helping all the stakeholders involved in process of learning efficiently & effectively.