Essentials of Remote Learning 

June 2021  Blog

After the 2nd Wave of Covid - 19 Pandemic, Remote Learning has become an essential tool.Schools, Coachings & Private tutors are bridging the graph of teaching & learning through basic online tools & methodologies. A few things are required before setting up the remote learning process.

Session Scheduling

Remote Learning & Teaching requires session scheduling. As session scheduling here involves - Preparations of virtual sessions for the month. Notifying the Lectures/Sessions/Webinars through Email, SMS, Whatsapp & Telegram Some students - who share the smartphone/laptop with their family members need to know this session schedule in advance so that they can prepare/arrange device to avail the session.

Conducting Online Class

An online session is a bit different from the session conducted in real classrooms. The session can comprise of these elements - Live Video Lecture, Quiz, Q/A Session, Doubts solving. Other online engagement activities like - Extempore, presentation display etc can also be conducted online if required.

Technology Support

Remote Learning Activities requires a basic level of technologies to support it - - Basic Devices - To engage for the session ( Smartphones/PC/Laptop/Tablets ) - Internet Connectivity

Lesson Plan & Design

A lesson plan & design is required before conducting the session directly. It helps the Teachers/Academic Facilitators to follow a guided standard teaching pattern. essentials can include - objective/agenda, important questions, activities, etc

Online Learning Platforms and Websites have been helpful during the pandemic for tutors & coachings to establish their academic business online.Coachings & Tutors can avail these services at an affordable cost in today's time.

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