How Email, SMS & Notification are helping Learning centres ?  

January 2021  Blog

Teaching to the entire class of students is more than just teaching. Communicating with them is just as important. There's a lot of information that needs to be communicated to students on time, for example - exam reports, attendance, course updates, and doubt solving. It can be done by email, SMS, social media apps, and other methods.

Sending students timely notifications and engaging them to be on time and in-class is crucial to maintaining a high level of student satisfaction.

Communication is more than just email, SMS, social media apps, and other methods. It's important to know what you need to communicate with students that are relevant to their learning at school.

Email Services are now with a wider option of automation & Bulk email sending feature helps to send reports in just one go.

When students are offline, they rely on SMS for important communications. School administrations must use this method to provide updates about reports, attendance, course changes, and more. By using SMS, schools can be assured that their messages are delivered quickly and efficiently.

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