What is Meta Tag? How does it help ?  

January 2021  Blog

Meta tags are a small piece of HTML that is used to describe a web page. They are not visible, but they are important because they help search engines understand the nature of your website. It helps you prioritize your web pages in search engines.

Meta tag is an HTML element that is used to specify the properties of a webpage. For example, meta tags can tell search engines what a page is about, what keywords it uses and more.

It is used to store your site name, keywords, description and other important information which helps Google & other search engines in improving your website ranking.

Choose the right Meta Tag, Use it wisely, Keep it short and aligned with the keywords , Use a Meta Tag in every place where you post your web pages

Takeaway: Meta tags are essential for SEO. If your web pages contain any keywords, then you can use meta tags to make sure that search engines will always find the page with the most relevant information.

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