How can you transform your coaching learning centre digitally 

January 2021  Blog

Happening of Covid Pandemic

With the happening of the covid-19 pandemic, education is changing and evolving more with new challenges. Dramatic changes have led to a distinctive rise in e-learning methodologies being adopted to complete the gap.

Abrupt Shift

On this abrupt shift away from the classroom in various parts of the globe, few are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact the global education market.


Internet since the decade is a critical enabler of social and economic changes. People can now easily buy & sell products & commodities online. Similarly in the Education domain students have started to learn from pre-recorded & live video lectures & attempt online tests.

Remote Learning

During the Lockdowns, Remote Learning & Teaching tools helped the education institutions to conduct their academic operations online. A Custom arrangement of online web/mobile applications that supports online lectures, tests & assignments was being used to deliver the education. Although it faced issues, the process is continued as no other mechanism solves the problem.

How small coachings can solve the probelm ?

If you are a teacher teaching 5-10 students, then there are various online tools that you can use free to continue running your academic operations. Lecture, quizzes, verbal test & discussion can be conducted on online video conferencing apps. Introducing video-based brain teasers, online graphical explanators, presentations can make your lecture more engaging & can be viewed again if required.

Online Learning Platforms and Websites have been helpful during the pandemic for tutors & coachings to establish their academic business online.Coachings & Tutors can avail these services at an affordable cost in today's time.

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