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December 2020  Blog

Essentials of Education Website

Education centric Design

An Education business has many elements in its business & operation which can be made a lot easier with help of an education centric website. From teaching to learning can be made available with the help of a website. Personalization of website centric to education helps the user to pass through academic teaching & learning experience.

SSL Certification

A majority of website owners are left unaware after investing a major portion in designing and development. Yet it is very easy to implement. Currently, chrome browser shows green secured badge for SSL Certified websites.

Academic Content Repository

Websites & web apps currently helping teachers & students both to avail their content online. Educationalist wants to avail their curated academic content to be made available to students on their websites. Websites serve best to avail any academic content online. Notes converted to PDF can be availed for downloading, Avail Pre-recorded and live lectures daily.

Video + Audio-based content

With the growth of OTT platforms users are currently going through a variety of content through Videos and podcasts. Multimedia formats have always been delightful to make someone pass through an experience. Curated Pre-recorded lectures and Live lectures can help you conduct your class online and open more revenue streams through online teaching and learning activities.

Academic Calander

Websites are much widely used for one very basic purpose - As they are on 24*7 till the time servers are fine. With the growth of cloud servers launching a website is easier. Academic calendars when shifted online makes it lot simpler for everyone to go through and any alterations can be made very quickly. Notifications inside website on the other end help them remain updated with the important dates and schedules

Admission Forms

Online forms are a very helpful tool if you want to collect information. Many websites use admission forms. Admission forms require bit backend development but are very helpful. It is much better over paper & register-based entries, in turn, saving money, time & extra operations over the data collected.

We work with coachings and tutors to establish their academic business venture online through our digital development program that includes education-centric website development, social media developments & custom LMS Support. If you are coaching or tutor, thinking of availing a website, social media & LMS services. Contact Us today