What is Hybrid learning?  

March 2022  Blog

A hybrid model of learning is a combination of online and offline learning. In a hybrid model, the students attend one or more classes taught live and in person. They also use online resources for additional education, such as online training, online chats with experts, online homework assignments, online tests, and so on. The hybrid model of learning is a perfect solution for busy professionals who prefer traditional teaching methods combined with the convenience of distance learning.

Learning happens in many different ways: formal education, internships, mentoring, and trial-and-error.

But combining these approaches together can be a highly effective way of learning. That’s because it takes advantage of the strengths of each approach while mitigating their respective weaknesses.

The hybrid learning model has become an important and effective way for students to learn new skills, expand their knowledge and explore new areas of interest. Hybrid learning combines face-to-face instruction with digital resources, supporting students’ learning in both the classroom and at home.